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Why is IPL the most loved Cricket Tournaments among World Audience?

In India, cricket is the most loved sports activity and is followed religiously. As one of the most-attended cricket leagues in the whole world, IPL has a uniqueness like nothing else, and that makes it special.

 As the VIVO IPL 2021 is a few days away, let us take a look into several reasons why IPL is the most loved cricket tournament among the audience.

•  Favorites Players, New and Old:

Every year, IPL is sure to introduce to the world, talented youngsters from all over India. This way the players get a platform to showcase their skills and shine. Also, we can see some retired players too as the coaches of the squad. IPL is the tournament where you can find some of the legends on the field alongside the new entrants. 

•   Cash-rich League:

Indian Premier League is one such tournament where crores of rupees go in. Players can earn crores by playing 15 matches in the league. From the auction to the trophy win there is a lot of money being flowed in the IPL. However, it also generates a lot of money, because the high brand value of the IPL has contributed a lot to the GDP of the economy. Due to its huge fan base, in the year 2010, the IPL was broadcast live on YouTube, and this proves the demand for the league. 

•  Glitz and Glamour: 

The IPL has this huge fanbase among the Bollywood stars too. Needless to say, the addition of glamour always brings in more crowd. Celebrities from all industries become a part of the tournament in many ways, including featuring in the opening performances and also attending the matches. Celebrities like Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta, own franchises, and are a major part of IPL. 

•  Free to support anyone

As the IPL matches bring different players from the worldwide cricket teams together, we get to see our favorite players, playing together on the same team, and not against. Here you can always support your favorite player even irrespective of his nationality. As the team is already an amalgamation of different team players you can support your favorite.

•  Short Match Duration

The short time duration of the matches attracts the audiences the most. The three hours duration of the matches is perfect and is sure to entertain the audience. Some of the matches continue till the last ball and super overs, and this is the adrenaline rush that the sports lovers all live for. 

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