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Have you ever held an event or seminar and are confused about finding participants? Those of you who are familiar with the event will know that the success of an event is due to the large number of participants who come. There are so many techniques that you can do to bring participants to an event or seminar. You can pay them or you wish everyone to come by themself. One effective way that doesn’t waste your time is to visit and use the services of Express Fitouts. They provide all the things needed for organizing events ranging from,¬†conference management¬†promotions, purchases, registrations, and so on.

Then, what are some secret techniques for organizing events that can bring in hundreds of participants? This technique starts with the pre-event until the event is finished.

Unique Theme and Concept

In addition to participants, another factor that is the main key to the success of an event is the theme and concept that will be carried. Make a theme and concept of the event that suits your target audience. For example, if you want to target an audience of young people who want to learn entrepreneurship, then the themes and events that you can carry are “Young Start-Up

Challenge” or “Dare to Be Young Entrepreneurs”.

Make the concept as interesting and unique as possible to give a deep impression to your audience. You can brainstorm with your team to get ideas, themes, and events according to the audience.

If you find it difficult to get ideas, themes, and events that are appropriate to the audience, you can consult this to someone who is already professional in organizing public events or seminars. Where can you find these professionals? You can visit www.excellence.asia.

Clear job-desc

The next step that you must take after creating the theme and concept is to form an event committee. The event committee should be divided into several divisions, each of which has divisions and tasks following job-desc.

Job desc must be recorded systematically regarding duties, authority, and responsibilities of each board. Ensure that every job desc can be understood and can be carried out by committee members. You also need to give trust to the committee so that they can do the job-desc to the maximum. To get success, you should hold a meeting every 3 times a day to find out the progress of the jobs that have been done.

Event Budgeting

In conducting public events or seminars, budgeting is the most crucial thing. Before making an event budgeting you should make a list first. This list contains all the costs you need from the equipment to be purchased up to the price range of the place you rented to organize the activity.

One of the most important points is to choose a place or location for the event that easy to reach or centered in the city. Choosing a location in the city center certainly costs relatively more expensive but it will be easier for participants to come to your event. In addition to location, you also need a survey to see the total capacity of the place and also whether it is by the concept that has been made.

Hopefully, this article is useful to be your guide in holding national-scale events.