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Instagram Launches New Features to Support Small Businesses in the Pandemic Period

Covid-19 pandemic has an impact on businesses in all sectors, especially small businesses / MSMEs. Many businesses cannot operate and are forced to lay off employees. Not a few small businesses that eventually forced them to close forever.

This crisis then made many businesses tighten the promotion and sale of products through social media, especially Instagram. Seeing this, Instagram is taking the initiative to help small businesses affected by the pandemic crisis.

After Facebook, the mother company of Instagram, provided a $ 100 million funding program to affected businesses, Instagram is now launching various features to help promote small businesses. With these features, Instagram wants to help make business easier for consumers to find.

Gift Cards and Food Orders for Business

This gift card is a sticker that can be displayed on Insta Story. By using a Gift Card on a business account, Instagram users can support your business by clicking stickers. Then the sticker will direct buyers to your business site. Users/buyers can also redistribute these Gift Card stickers on their Insta Story so that more people can support your business.

Meanwhile, the Food Order stickers function to speed up the order process. This sticker can also be shared by users on their Insta Story. Gift Card and Food Order stickers can also be added to the profile as a button.

Donate for Business

This sticker can be used by business people and Instagram users. Business owners can create a personal fundraiser through Facebook to support getting donations for their affected businesses. Then the donation link can be used on Instagram in the form of a sticker. Your business supporters can also move to help make donations.

The series of assistance initiated by Facebook was considered very important by Justin Osofsky, COO of Instagram. He said that small businesses are the backbone of the local community. They bring people together and build community. Therefore Facebook and Instagram want to be part of helping small businesses affected.