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How to avoid getting scammed during black Friday

Black Friday attracts millions of US online shoppers to amazing deals at discounted prices. Since it is the biggest annual shopping extravaganza, online scammers are also taking advantage of the opportunity. I would recommend Rakuten black Friday as they offer the best streaming devices at affordable rates. But you must have a look at the US-Reviews to make an informed decision before making any purchase. For US online shoppers, there are several things that you should keep in mind to avoid falling into the trap of online scammers.

The US people should avoid clicking links in emails since online fraudsters use emails to obtain their credit card information. Hackers send a phishing email to copy the site’s sale or discount email and link to a false portal requesting your information. If you see a tempting promotion, it would be best to visit the store’s website by writing its name in your search engine. You should also avoid clicking on pop-ups and advertisements as they may contain malware and viruses. The advertisements can lead you to sites requesting your information. They can also infect your laptop or mobile phone with various harmful programs like ransomware, adware, and spyware. The programs are types of malware that stops your laptop’s normal functioning forcing you to pay for it to resume its operations.

When searching for your favorite shopping store to purchase streaming devices, you should be cautious of the e-skimmers. With the increase in cybercrime, online scammers are now installing malicious code to help them get your credit card details once you log out from the retailer’s website. Paying using Paypal can help you protect yourself as the store’s site will not have your credit card number. Alternatively, you can create a temporary credit card from your card issuer’s website to prevent scammers from getting your account number. The US people should ensure that they use a private WiFi connection to browse the internet while shopping online. It will guarantee security as cyber thieves are now using the public WiFi that does not have specialized login credentials to access your data. For more information on this crucial topic, you can have a look at black Friday scams.

The US people should avoid the temptation of diving into free offers. Online fraudsters use emails that lure you to survey to exchange payment or a gift card. Though the emails might look legit, they will ask you to provide your credit card details for payment once the survey is over. As soon as you realize that the typing credentials are not visible to you, then it is a red flag that the site is a scam. US online shoppers should have strong and secure passwords to protect their identity and account from hackers. Ensure that your password has a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, and numbers aligned in such a way that no one can quickly memorize. Since streaming devices are on offer in various online shops during Black Friday, it is essential to ensure that the online store you are shopping on is legit. You can do this by checking whether the site’s URL starts with “https.” If it does not, then the site is not encrypted, and it is a scam.

The US people can agree that social media is an essential tool for a successful black Friday shopping. However, cybercriminals are taking advantage of and posting streaming products at relatively low prices, making it difficult for online shoppers to resist the offer. They can also offer gift cards and reward points but lure you into providing your card number to get them. When you see any offers on social media channels, it is right for you to look at your retailer’s website to confirm before making any attempt to purchase. Besides, it would be best to be cautious of charity scams as they rise on social media channels.

With the excitement of Black Friday, you should be on the lookout not to buy counterfeit products offered by fraudsters. It would help if you were doubtful of any deals going way below the standard black Friday prices. Nowadays, online fraudsters are trained to imitate your retailer’s website customer service department, and they will lure you into making payments or providing your personal and financial information. The criminal call centers will also spoof your real shopping site’s phone numbers to ensure that you are convinced that you are communicating with your actual retailer’s customer service. To learn more, you can visit ways to avoid being scammed.