Without us knowing from year to year the development Technology itself has a direct role in population development that impacts on various aspects of life, one of which is affected is population growth. Where technological developments not only focus on the development of electronic device technologies such as smartphones and others, but technological developments also affect the population growth.

Factors affecting population growth are births, deaths and population movements. The use of technology on population development, for example, such as digital information can be used to monitor births and deaths, with the condition that there is a strong internet signal.

In addition, digital information can also facilitate and improve the recording of the entry and exit of residents in an area, coming or moving, giving birth and dying so that it can be detected easily and can also help record data where the population is located. To get the right and accurate data that is using digital information. Therefore, many people expect that information technology can be developed and put to good use, an example of its use is when a resident wants to give birth then he can be recorded by filling in data related to birth status via a smartphone and if a family member dies can made a site by the way the family concerned fills in data that a family member has died, using this method the recording of data will be easier and faster, without the need to go to the office of the relevant agency.

Technology especially in the health sector has also shown a very significant role to help the human soul, and research in the health field. Technology can be used to diagnose various types of diseases, find the right medicine, and analyze internal human organs that are difficult to see.

Technology in health has a very important role, especially in providing quality or quality of health services. The advancement of the world of Science has reduced the suffering and burden caused by deaths from infectious diseases between infants and children. In addition to this, current medical technology has been able to answer the case of married couples who have difficulty having children, namely IVF technology and others, as well as cases regarding couples who do not want the presence of babies.

In addition to technology in the health sector, information technology in the form of the internet and communication also contributes to improving the quality of society. With the advancement of information technology, people can easily access information from various parts of the world.